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Our Culture

【 Corporate Spirit 】

United, efficient, quality, mutually rewarding

【 Management Style 】

Prudent, innovative, honest, responsible

【 Quality & Safety Polices 】

Plan management, stable techniques, in-process control, package

【 Operation Philosophy 】

Impartial company governance, ethical business operation

【 Work Belief 】

To exceed expectations of customers and offer them premium service, unleash potential of employees and assign them challenging tasks, be a good team p and stay true to the common values

Corporate culture is the soul of a company. Shangyang culture has been what we believed in and stayed true to over the past 19 years of development. At Shangyang Packaging, we remain true to our original aspiration and keep moving forward. As an active advocate for the state government, Shangyang Packaging seizes opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi, embraces challenges, stays true to its unswerving ideals and beliefs and follows the steps of the Party and the state government. It is believed that Shangyang Packaging will play a big role in global flexible packaging market. We make efforts to move upward and hold a firm belief in professionalism. Shangyang Packaging, a professional China-d flexible package supplier.